Blessed Christian Music: Parable "A Prayer"


Many, many moons ago I had an LP by a band called Parable called Illustrations.

l always thought a song on that album called, "A Prayer", was beautiful and uplifting.

As the internet has grown it's been great to go back and find that people are starting to upload those great old songs on YouTube and elsewhere.

So, I was very happy to find that song recently on YouTube and have posted it below with lyrics underneath it.

Hope you will give it a listen and feel Blessed by it!


You can find out ore about the band, Parable, here:

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By Thomas King

Parable - “A Prayer” - Lyrics
Words and Music by John Wickham

Fill me with your Love,

The Promise of the Father,

And help me know your Voice,

That I may hear no other,

Keep me in your Will,

That I may do Your pleasure,

And make my heart be still,

And know that I’m Your treasure,

Oh, Lord, Come to me,

And lead that I may follow,

And with each step I take,

I’ll come to You, 

James 4:8


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God Bless you!

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