Amazing Testimony & Music: Mike Farris Shares And Then Performs Mercy Now

Psalm 51:1-2 - Photo:  Copyright 2016, Jephyr
Psalm 51:1-2 - Photo:  Copyright 2016, Jephyr


I love the music created by Mike Farris...and recently found a YouTube video of him talking about his life..and then he sings a song that will give you goose-flesh.

If you've had any serious struggles in your journey...and I'm betting you've had them...then you'll no doubt relate to the twists and turns his life has taken.

Mike Farris:  Screen Capture From The Video
Mike Farris:  Screen Capture From The Video

He talks like he performs...naturally and without putting on airs. 

The music begins at around 9:30.

I hope you'll feel Blessed by this video too.


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May God Richly Bless you!

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