Moving Video: Indonesia's Kimyal People Welcome First New Testament In Their Language!

All Images are Screen Captures from the video
In the United States and many places in the world, a large number of people take the Bible for granted.

In fact seeing a Gideon Bible, free for the taking in hotels and motels across the U.S. has become the butt of jokes for comedians and TV sit-coms.

But recently I've watched two DVD's that really opened my eyes to the fact that many people literally gave up their lives through the ages to give us Bibles in our own languages.  (More on those in future posts)

So one might begin to assume that most everyone in the world already has a copy of the Bible in their own language.

But earlier this year,
 posted a wonderful video on YouTube of Indonesia's Kimyal people "dancing, weeping and praying," as they "welcome God's Word into their remote village."

It is quite moving!

As the description below the video on YouTube states it wasn't without loss: 

"Work on the translation of the New Testament into Kimyal was begun in 1963 by Regions Beyond Mission Union (now World Team) missionaries Phil and Phyliss Masters who moved to West Papua, Indonesia, to evangelise the Kimyal people.

Sadly, Phil Masters and a fellow missionary Stan Dale were killed by members of the neighbouring Yali tribe and the translation work was halted. However, the work eventually resumed and the New Testament was completed in early 2010 by a Kimyal translation team led by another World Team missionary, Rosa Kidd.

The Kimyal New Testament was published by the Indonesian Bible Society in March 2010, and was welcomed by the community during a highly emotional celebration in Korupun, West Papua."

“To Him who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb, be blessing
and honor and glory
and dominion forever and ever.”


  1. Jephyr,
    I can't imagine anyone looking at this video and not being moved to tears and saying 'amen' to all that these lovely people are saying. This is what receiving the word is all about. The simplicity of being enlightened by the pure word of God and seeing the sheer love contained within those words. The emotion and the words of these people show the impact that Jesus has had in their lives, and reveals the unity of the Holy Spirit. It is real and honest.

  2. Hi Brenda,

    Yes it is so very moving to see these beautiful people receiving this wonderful gift of the New Testamant in their language for the first time!

    I pray many will see this and be touched as well!

    Thank you as always!! : )