Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Funny Video: Me!Church


I grew up in churches but have been out of the church for a while and recently with a renewed faith have been church shopping, literally going to at least two dozen looking for the right fit.

One Sunday morning I admitted that to a church member where I was visiting, and he seemed to reply rather disdainfully, "Oh, so you're a church shopper."

Images are Screen Captures from the video

Having heard this before...it seems many in the Christian church believe that you should simply start attending a nearby church and become a member there.

ut when else does that ever apply?

Do we buy the first car we test drive...or the first home "for sale" we visit?

Of course, as in love, some people are Blessed to find the right match on the first try...but don't most of us look and search for almost everything before finding the right match?

Don't most of us spend time finding the right college/university, mechanic, doctor, lawyer, accountant etc, etc, etc?

Have you ever heard someone say that after they discovered their favorite restaurant that they go way out of their way to dine there, because they love the food, the service, and deserts etc"?

So shouldn't we look for the right church home...until we find it?


The upside to all my searching is that I've certainly seen a lot of different worship...umm...rather to say..."styles" of church services.

From the quaint old fashioned, but quite "dead" little churches singing hymns from many decades ago...to dazzling MEGA-Churches with thousands of members, a modern light show and rockin' "praise" band.

I've attended churches who advertise themselves like a night club and who's messages seemed designed to entertain and wow...but aspired to little else.

I've heard sermons where the only focus was SEX, SEX, SEX and have felt in my spirit pastors "ooze" sexual lust from the pulpit.

 I've sat in churches and received mechanical "hello's and welcome's"...which is only slightly better than churches where I've come and gone and was literally not greeted in any way.

Recently, I attended a service where they turned off the lights, and while the preacher prayed loudly into the microphone people shouted prayers all over the room.  It was bedlam...and not the order Paul commands in 1 Corinthians 14.

So, yes, I'm still looking and pray that in time I can find a church to call home.  (I do plan to go back to one soon that I've attended a few times, where I was given a friendly greeting and the Spirit of God seemed to be there!)


Perhaps all my searching is why I found the video "meChurch" so amusing.

Even if you love your church and didn't have a hard time finding it...you may enjoy it as well.

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  1. Finding the right church is impossible until we all fellowship in heaven with Jesus. Right now, tho, we are told to gather together and worship Him and learn about Him.

    I sure do hope you find a church that you can learn more about Him and worship Him full heartily.


  2. Hi Child of God,

    I would be more inclined to say that finding the "perfect" church is impossible.

    I read a testimony from a famous rock star who became a Christian. He searched for the "right" church until one day he walked into one and immediately felt at "home".

    In addition, there is so much foolishness in many of the churches I've attended...where they are caught up in "doctrines of demons" and/or the "traditions of men"...against which we are specifically warned not to be involved in.

    Years ago I lost a friend in the Jonestown massacre. I don't know what led he and his mom to give their lives over to this evil, mad-man...but saw a documentary that suggested Jim Jones showed signs of being off base from the beginning. And yet...good people were led astray by him.

    So...clearly attending some churches would be worse than attending no where at all.

    I do thank you for your well-wishes in finding a church "home" and pray God leads me to one soon.

    God Bless! : )

  3. Hi Jephyr,
    For myself, it was Jesus I was looking for and then He did the leading. 'Church' means 'congregation', and it doesn't matter whether there are two or three gathered in His name or many more, or where they gather. At the moment I attend a gathering that are under the name of 'Apostolic', though I only call myself Christian. They operate more or less according to scripture, allowing the Holy Spirit to work, and the praising is lovely. However, my fellowship with other Christians is not confined to that building. I get together with Christians in their homes, and also on line which I love. I tend to like a small gathering where you can have contact with and come to know the other people. I don't like terms like 'church shopper' etc and I think it is much nicer to welcome people and think of the individual rather than being concered about church numbers. I agree that church is not a club or entertainment centre, it is a group of people gathering together in the presence of their Lord.

  4. Hi Brenda,

    Yes I agree about Jesus leading. I heard a great quote a while back: "Look for the Shepherd and you'll find his sheep!

    I've been asking to be led by God to the church where He wants me...and so far have felt I need to keep looking.

    I do very much agree we can find fellowship in many more ways than just a traditional church...and meet and fellowship with other Christians as often as possible.

    I consider the exchanges with you and Child of God as part of my fellowship and recently have greatly expanded my Christian circle of friends on Facebook.

    Thank you as always for stopping by and commenting.

  5. In my opinion, investigating churches is not "shopping." It is an absolute necessity. It is not just a question of feeling comfortable in a church; it is a question of whether or not the church believes and attempts to practice Biblical Christianity. Some churches seem to fall into the "me church" category of the video you reference. If I remember correctly, that site also has a video about churches adopting contemporary methods and marketing to attract crowds, which defines the "me church." It is quite good.

    I invite you to visit my blog and web site,



    + R. Dennis Campbell
    Bishop,Anglican Orthodox Church
    Diocese of Virginia

  6. Hello Bishop Campbell, Yes...so true...that it is not just comfort...but Biblical Truth we should seek!!

    I may have seen the other video or one similar to it...and there is another parody of modern church worship posted on this blog.

    It's good to have another voice suggesting finding the "right" church is an absolute necessity.

    Recently I saw a testimony by a man who was in full time ministry but he and his wife prayed for three years before God placed them in the "right" church. It gave me encouragement to just keep attending churches and seeking God...expecting Him to lead.

    Thank you for stopping by and for the invitiation to visit your web-site and blog. I've just commented on your first two commentaries on Revelation 1:1-19 on your blog.

    Thank you again and God Bless!