Video: His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Anja Nissen


In a day and age when performers feel like they have to run around the stage and do all kinds of theatrics—I love to find talented singers who allow their performance to simply speak for itself.

I'd never heard of Anja Nissen until I found a clip of her singing the old Gospel song, "His Eye Is On The Sparrow," a moment ago on YouTube.

(More about the song here: )

Video Screen Capture - Anja Nissen singing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" on The Voice Australia
Video Screen Capture - Anja Nissen singing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" on The Voice Australia

The video below is from her performance when she was a contestant on The Voice Australia TV show in 2014.

Just 18 years old at the time, she blew the judges and audience away with her breathtaking take on this Gospel song—and went on to win that year's competition.

After a bit of searching, I can't find any sites that indicate whether she is a Christian or not—but God can still speak through anyone about His love for us.

I hope you are also Blessed by her amazing performance!


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  1. Hi Jephyr,
    Yes it is lovely to hear such a young person singing about something Biblical on a show that is not God orientated. It reminds me of 'when I am with a Jew I become as a Jew in order to win him for Christ.
    That is God's purpose - to reach all.
    God bless.

    1. Hi Brenda—thank you for your comment. Yes—I agree our purpose is to reach all with the message of Jesus' Grace. I also believe that God speaks to us in many ways—as he did by speaking through the High Priest who was trying to kill Jesus (John 11:51) God Bless you as well and thanks again.

    2. God's plan is amazing - He wants all to be saved. Thank God for Jesus!

    3. So true Brenda! Jesus is LORD!