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When I was young, too long ago to mention, I remember when Darwinian evolution (the change of one species "kind" to another over millions of years) was mentioned it was always preceded by the phrase "the theory of".

Or you might read or hear something like, "evolutionists theorize" this or that.

This was only logical because as most people know, the "scientific method is based on "the collection of data through observation and experimentation....".  (Science Daily)

In other words for something to be scientifically proven you must be able to test and observe it.

Since Darwinian evolutionists believe that evolution can only take place over millions of years...and is is only logical to call it a theory rather than scientific fact.

And yet somehow through the years those qualifiers of suggesting evolution is a theory, have dropped out of most books, news reports, and from classroom lectures etc.

Now in in science shows on PBS and elsewhere, they simply conclude that evolution is a given...and of course..."everyone" believes it as fact.

So it's no real surprise that evolution is seen as an indisputable truth by many people today...and anyone brave enough to challenge evolution in an internet forum or classroom will often encounter a violent, even expletive filled reaction.

Yes, it seems that evolution has certainly captured the minds and hearts of most "educated" people in the US and around the world.

So why do most people hold such an entrenched view about it?

Especially when if you ask for "observable evidence of evolution", no one can offer even one example.

It appears most people are left just "trusting the experts", "believing what's in the textbooks"...and taking it as a matter of "faith" that evolution is true.


Through interviews and pointed questions, the following video, attempts to uncover why so many have taken a theory and believed it as fact.

Many of those interviewed are highly educated in the sciences; biology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, and so on.

An yet not one can offer even one example, or offer any scientifically proven evidence for Darwinian evolution.


Some admit they are challenged enough by the questions that they will give it all more thought.

Perhaps watching it may well challenge your faith in evolution as well.


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