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Keith Green: When I Hear The Praises Start
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In the 1970's Keith Green exploded onto the Christian Music scene.

A piano player, who from an early age had pursued fame and fortune in the music industry...first as a precocious child prodigy appearing and performing on the TV Show I've Got a Secret  and later working the rock and roll circuit in Hollywood.

In spite of flirting with fame, he became disillusioned with all that he was experiencing in his life, and along with his wife Melody, began searching for answers.

Ultimately they became Christians around 1973 and Keith began a Christian music ministry in earnest.

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Sometimes Keith's zeal exceeded his understanding of his new faith so it wasn't all smooth sailing for him.

Nevertheless, his first Christian Album For Him Who Has Ears to Hear was released in 1977 and quickly became a Christian rock classic!

Recorded live in the studio with very little overdubbing the album is ranked 5th on Contemporary Christian Music Magazine's 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music. (wikipedia)

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"When I Hear The Praises Start", the 4th track on the album, quickly became a favorite for many.

Unfortunately, Keith and two of his children (and a number of other passengers) were killed in 1982 when the over-loaded plane they were flying in crashed.

Keith's legacy lives on...and we are Blessed to have recordings like this live performance of him singing "When I Hear The Praises Start".   


2 Samuel 22:50
50 Therefore I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;
    I will sing the praises of your name. 


Psalm 30:4

Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people;
    praise his holy name.

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