As I kneel in the darkness in the middle of the night,
Lord, I’m praying for assurance, everything’s gonna be alright,
Lord, I see another valley, and it's out in front of me,
I’m afraid I won’t be able, and I’ll go down in defeat,

But He said, Do you remember just where I brought you from,
Won't you take a look behind you, and see how far you’ve come,
Every time you asked me, didn’t I deliver you,
So why would you be thinking, that I wouldn’t see you through,

Chorus One:

Didn't I walk on the water and I calmed the raging sea
I spoke to the wind, and it hushed and I gave you peace,
Didn’t I run to your rescue, didn’t I hear you when you called,
I walked right beside you, just so you wouldn’t fall,
Didn’t I leave all of Heaven, just to die for your sin,
I searched until I found you, and I’d do it all again,

Now she’s talking to her father in a house that was once a home,
She said my bills are coming due Lord, and six days is not that long,
She hears a voice so still and low,
It said I’ve moved like that before,
And I’ll do this little thing, child, and I’ll give you so much more,

(To Chorus One)

Chorus Two:

Didn't I put food on your table,
Showed up when the bills where due,
When the pains where racking your body,
Oh, I sent healing down  to you,
When you where lost in sin and sorrow,
I died to set you free,
So you would know just how much,
I loved you 

Songwriter: Linda Gibson-Johnson


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